How do I prove a claim for subsidence or heave?

There are many facets to providing the evidence to substantiate claims for subsidence and heave. All the various facets have to be arranged in a logical way to portray a consistent pattern of behaviour of the structure. The lay-person should not try to do this him/herself. The main topics of interest and consideration by a consulting engineer are as listed below:


It is unrealistic to expect the ordinary person to be able to put together the evidence. However, it is useful for him/her to appreciate the amount of work that is involved and understand why the process takes longer than one might expect. The professional person engaged should have experience in dealing with this type of problem as well as knowledge of how structures perform.

Thus, experience in the design and in the construction of structures is of extreme importance. Training and experience in soil mechanics is also of importance. The cost of reasonable fees involved and the reasonable cost of tests such as drain tests, soil tests, etc. can be used to count towards the payment of the excess.

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