Evidence from the soil

Normally for subsidence and heave issues, we normally specify:-

  • A borehole close to the maximum subsidence, a borehole remote from any disturbing influences, a third borehole at a location to try to define the scope of underpinning needed.
  • Tests are carried out to determine the variation of soil properties with depth; these give the depth of underpinning needed plus soil strengths to be assumed if piles are to be used in the underpinning. The type of pile best deployed is also derived. Root analysis shows which trees are causing the clay desication. E coli analysis can define which type of drain is leaking.
  • Drain CCTV and testing if drains are believed to be a problem

For property development, we tune the investigation specification to suit the type of soil expected, but would include tests for contamination, nowadays expected by most Building Control offices.

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