The pictures show the repairs to cracks to a church in Sanderstead, Croydon (click the images to see full size).

The cracking arose because of:

  • The permitted growth of a tree in the land owned by the church.
  • The growth of nearby trees on land owned by the London Borough of Croydon; there was some confusion over whose land it was.
  • The construction of an architect designed wall more than the height of a ridge of a house using wall thickness as would be normal for a house but without any lateral bracing
  • The addition at the side of an architect designed roof thereby substantially increasing the soil pressure on some of the existing foundations, thus giving rise to settlement where the pressure had increased but no settlement where the pressure had not increased.

The repairs were carried out using heli-bar; one such bar is hanging vertically on the left side of one of the photographs. Due to the flexibility of such bars, one can reinforce a corner of masonry by embedding the bars in the mortar courses to both walls forming the corner.

Also shown is a diagram of the bowing of the back wall as we surveyed plus the level at which we instructed that a stainless steel bar should be embedded in the mortar to arrest further bowing.

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