Site Investigation

Whether you are a developer of a large site or you have a few cracks in your bay window due to subsidence, you will need a site investigation. You may need us to study the past history of the site as well. Samples of soil are extracted at predetermined positions at the site and pocket penetrometer readings taken at the same time. Various other tests may then follow such as moisture content determination, all of which we then interpret.

Some testing actually has to be done down inside the borehole. We organise this for you. One example of investigatory work we were involved in was the investigation of slope instability and the design of remedial works to stop movement of the house at the top of the slope. We designed using soil nailing. For subsidence work, the measurements include the soil’s propensity to shrink when dried, its dryness profile and to what depth the dryness extends. Another in a hilly area, involved the investigation of water which appeared in a back garden. This water was traced to a leaking sewer in the road at the front of the house. (see photo opposite).

If you are a developer, we would arrange for a desk study and a good check on all the chemicals that could be lurking below the surface

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